Mate, its been ages since I wrote anything on here huh? 😉

What have I been up to?

Not much really…

The album took me a while to complete. Was it a good experience? I think so. Did I enjoy it? Not entirely…

Sometimes, something outrageous pops into your head. For me, those times can take a sniff of the summer air to trigger, or the sight of a winter rain pouring down on the way home from work on a miserable Wellington evening. What ever happened?
I started getting the buzz to write again. For me, music often comes to me in my dreams like the song ‘Dying Bell’. I dreamt I was at an after-work function, sipping on champagne with colleagues. Work had hired the great Ryan Adams to provide music for us (we can dream!). I’m sitting there listening and he’s playing a pretty cool song. I love the chords! At some point during the song I realise I’m dreaming and that the song isn’t actually one of his! I memorize the chords and then force myself to wake, grab my trusty dictaphone and record it while humming a melody. There are a few snores in there…but that didn’t make the final cut.
This kind of stuff keeps happening until I have enough songs to think about recording them professionally which I’ve explained in the previous blog. I found the recording process great on the whole, but it was also stressful and an often lonely experience. I guess it’s like creating and managing your own business. You’re the boss and you have all these people on your books. All the guys and gals involved were great and all totally brought their best to the recording. You want the best; you hire the best as they say.
It was certainly challenging having to spend hours in the studio with a producer at all hours of the day and work a challenging full-time job. There were times I was tempted to pull the plug but I’d reached the point of no return.

Everything is now finished. The tracks are mixed and mastered and ready for print. Last year I did a gig at the Cross to road test the songs and see how they stood up live. I think people liked it lol. I felt good about it. There were some interesting twists in some of the songs. Some things worked, some things didn’t. The Theremin really worked! Was great playing it. I got so nervous about the entire gig that I’d forgotten to take any pictures or record it…gutted.

I made a conscious decision to take a break from the project during the Rugby World Cup, just to recharge the batteries. Weeks turned into months, months turned into a year and now we’re here.
I really did get burnt out by the whole thing but I don’t know whether it’s the spring air or what because now I’m finally ready to get back into it and start planning for this release show, and for you all to have a copy of the album ‘Drew’!!!

I still feel now about the record and releasing it as I did then. I’m very proud of it. The songs are well crafted and well thought out. We set out first and foremost to make the album interesting. Not so much from a commercial stand point, but from an artistic one. That kind of statement can make one roll their eyes I know, but we did and I think we succeeded in making it interesting. The album may not be to everyone’s taste or style but I think people will be able to hear that a lot of thought was put into it to make it a pleasurable experience for the listener. It also helps a lot that I had the best musicians playing on it!

Anyway, it’s coming and I can’t wait to bring it to you 🙂