IMG_20130806_205425 To say I’m exhausted at the moment is an understatement.

I’ve just got back from Asia and have had to quickly switch gears from one focus to another.

It’s been a little difficult at the moment but I always knew it would be a tough 2 months leading up to releasing the album.

Sometimes I ask myself why am I doing this? Is it worth the energy? There always seem to be walls in the way and after breaking through that, a mountain replaces it…which can be just a little discouraging. I’m also sure that most of my friends are probably sick of hearing me talk about the album. Mate, I’m sick of hearing myself talk about it too!

When that happens it’s good to refocus and remember why I’m doing this.

As I’ve said previously, balancing a music career and a shirt-and-tie career hasn’t been easy. With the duality comes a sense of not belonging entirely to either world.

“I always felt that I wanted to express myself creatively and artistically through music but I allowed the fear of failure and public scrutiny get the better of me at times…”

Traversing personal themes of discovery, loss, heartache, and self awareness; of life and family; of transition: “Embracing that point where the past meets the uncertain future.”

“The recording of this album has been a journey in confronting my fears as an artist. Something changed in me in recently. The life of the 40-hour-week will stifle your soul if you’re a musician at heart. So I took a leap of faith and now we’re here! I now have a record that I’m very proud of.”

That’s why I do it! Life can be very mundane, but the thing that pulls me out of it is the pursuit of my passions. Maybe some people don’t care, or don’t like what I have to offer and that’s fine but I feel proud of what I’ve done and not many people can say that they’ve accomplished one of the most important goals in their lives. Writing my own songs, recording them professionally and now having my own album in my hands is something that at the moment through my tiredness I probably don’t realise its true significance, but I know in my heart it’ll be something in the future that I’ll be proud of and look back with no regrets.

This trip has not only been for me but hopefully that I would inspire some of you folk to do the same, follow your dreams. Life’s too short to sit around and dream – do. What better place to do it than in New Zealand, the land of doom and gloom lol. Jokes…

SO…one final push, one last burst of energy. August 24th. I’m looking forward to it…but also looking forward to sleeping for the rest of that week.