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Listen to a review of Andrew’s album DREW from renown New Zealand Music Critic Nick Bollinger on his weekly Radio New Zealand National programme The Sampler which was broadcast on 27 August 2013.

It was an amazing review, here are some extracts from it:

“With the shear volume of new music that continues to pour out, I’m a bit surprised that I got to hear this at all but I’m pleased did because it’s really very good!”

“Andrew Fruean is a Wellington based guitarist, song writer and a really good singer! (his voice) which is a remarkable instrument in itself. Often starting out intimate and confiding, his performances can build during a song to a strong soaring falsetto. That sort of thing can be hard to carry off…but Fruean goes the dynamic distance while staying true to the emotion, never giving way to theatrics or histrionics”

“There’s an independent spirit in Fruean’s music in the way that it goes where ever it wants to, and takes it time if it feels like it…at other times the mood is more hushed and contained particularly as Fruean gets out his mandolin for a sad and eerie eulogy for his song Angel”

“These songs are unmistakably personal and perhaps that accounts for Fruean’s apparent reticence…maybe its more fitting that a record like this isn’t being hyped as the release of the week as a major label might’ve done, but is beginning its journey more modestly, just slipping quietly in that busy market place, ready to be discovered by listener, by solitary listener” 

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