This is the debut album from Andrew Fruean titled ‘DREW’. It is a finely crafted collection of folk, pop songs with the evocative epic sweep of classic rock.

Recorded in 2010/11 at Island Bay Film Studios in Wellington, New Zealand with the help of producer Nic McGowan (Good Laika, Ghostplane and Paselode) it is a collection of songs with infectious melodies and heart!

“The recording of this album has been a journey in confronting my fear as an artist. I always felt that I wanted to express myself creatively and artistically through music but I allowed the fear of failure get the better of me. I was fed up of living a life of 40 hours a week stifling my soul. I took a leap of faith and now we’re here! It’s been a challenging journey of self-doubt but I’ve got over that now! I now have a record that I’m very proud of.”

As well as the vocals, Fruean also plays guitar, and mandolin on the album. He has been joined by some of Wellington’s finest musicians, including drummer Darren Mathiassen (Trinity Roots, Rhombus and Hollie Smith) and bassist Paul Mouncey (OdESSA). Together they formed an impressive rhythm section, with Tim Solly on keyboards and Andre Paris on Saxophone.

DREW will be released 2013