Hello it’s me my friend
And I feel Like an idiot
I’m down and need a friend
Please come, I hurt myself again

This came up just the other day
I knew it wouldn’t be the same again
So it begins again…

There’s a world outside but I’m still trying to hold on
There’s a child inside but he’s still trying to hold on

Hang on don’t be so scared
It’s not like I will blow you away
It’s just those things I cannot find
Tearing me apart again

Repeat chorus

It’s seems you gift is choice
Today I’m choosing happiness
Again I feel no change
But hope is hoping for the best



You know I’m still alive;
and I’m still right here knocking at your door
keeping looking high and high
for you to come and find me once more
You know I towed the line
But it just doesn’t seem to be working no more
You know I’m still alive
I’m still trying
I Will keep working it out

Words and Music by Andrew Fruean
Copyright © 2013 AEJ Music Ltd. All rights reserved.