Just a quick note.

Firstly, thanks for visiting andrewfruean.com. This is a place where you can hear some awesome new tunes, be educated a little on the path of a singer-songwriter and view the progress of my musical journey…and what a journey it has been!

It all started in December 2009 when I got bored of my day job (haha, don’t we all!) and decided,”That’s it! Time to do something I’m really passionate about!” So I wondered around in search of a good studio in Wellington, and fortunately happened to stumble across Nic McGowan at Island Bay Studios. He listened to demos…He liked, and there started a great collaborative partnership.

I had always felt that I could express melodies and lyrics that I felt in my spirit quite easily and Nic has been important in not only nurturing that but by also being a kind of “crap filter”. He would tell me what he thought was great and what stunk! I’m not too proud to know that’s a good thing, however humbling it may have been at times! I trust the man. Anyway, called in a couple of buddies in the form of extraordinary talented musicians, Darren Mathiasson on drums and Paul Mouncey on bass, and started recording ‘DREW’ with Nic helping me produce, in February 2010. There would be various overdub sessions over the course of the year with amazingly talented professionals and dear friends, Andre Paris(sax/clarinet) and Tim Solly(keys, hammond, harmonium, samples).

We mixed the record in May 2011 and also mastered it with Mike Gibson. You can never know how good something is going to be until it’s finished and well…I’m VERY proud of what we have. Nothing feels more satisfying than putting your heart and soul into something you’re really passionate about and it coming out out well! However, there we’re times there where I felt that maybe the energy and investment I had put into it was probably a bit too challenging. It was definitely overwhelming. Nothing great ever came out of something that was easy right?

So now, what now? Well, I’m lining up a few shows to share the songs with you all! We’re playing at the Cross on August 5. Joining me will be my right hand man Mr Paul Mouncey on bass, Dayle Jellyman on keyboards and Tom Pierard on drums. I, of course will be on vocals and electric guitar. The theremin may also make an appearance too! We’ll be debuting the songs from ‘DREW’ and also playing a few obscure covers. I have a few other things in the pipeline in which I will share with you in due course.

We will be holding a release show for ‘DREW’ very soon and will also be adding an online store here at andrewfruean.com for you to be able to download ‘DREW’ and other merchandise. Please check out the album page. I’ve included some of the demos for the album so you can see how far the songs have come.

Anyway, spread the word, enjoy the music. Join me on facebook and see you at the Cross on August 5!

Follow your passions.
Love you all,